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Friday, July 18, 2014

Redemption or "The Good..."

The finished result of my second attempt at this bag!  The previous post showed my first attempt....not so pretty.....but I think this turned out wonderful.  I'm still debating if I should put a button on the flap or not.  We'll see.  I was so happy with the results I made a similar one, only larger, for myself.  This one will be put on my Etsy site soon.

Here on the left are two details I added to the bag.  One is a stitched patch I put on over the area where I stitched the cord straps on.  I prefer to stitch the straps on, I feel it's stronger and it hangs better.  When I have felted the cords to the bag I'm never quite happy with the results.....too bulky looking.  The second are some felt bands that I made to go around the cords so they don't separate and tangle.  The bands move freely, there are three total.

This, obviously, is the inside pocket and the loop on the left is to clip your keys to.  I played around with the pocket....while you can't see it, I sprinkled some German glass glitter on the gold roving  for the pocket before I wet it out.  It ended up looking pretty good and sticking!  While I'm not a glitzy gal it was fun.

 Below is a close up of the front flap.  I felted in some of my hand spun "art" yarn alone the center sides.  In the center I did some free motion embroidery of swirls.  Stitching on felt creates such cool texture, you can't really tell, but the areas between the stitching almost puff up.  It always amazes me how dense and sturdy the felt is after stitching it!  

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