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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Foot Stool Cover.....maybe

On and off, for the past 6 months, I've been working on this project. 
 I have finally finished all the 
free motion stitching
and it done!

Sometimes I would sit staring at thread colors, pondering which one
to use where, do I want contrast or no...
But what fun!  
It was usually an ache in my back that let me know I was stitching for an hour or 
more with out taking the much
needed time to stretch or correct my posture.  

This is the completed piece on the left.
The whole thing is a 17" inch square that I intend to cover an antique foot stool with.

This photo on the right 
is part of the design
before any stitching was done.

Here on the left is that same
part of the design
now stitched with the free motion stitching.
It's such a transformation once
the stitching goes on!
I didn't have a specific pattern I wanted to stitch here, that's part of the fun, it's always kind of a treat to see what develops as 
I stitch.

I just love the pattern that developed on
this lower shot!  It's definitely
my favorite in the whole piece.  I used an all cotton thread on 
this lower part, in the picture above I used a 
polyester thread.  I find myself preferring the all
cotton thread but I haven't been able to
to put into words why...

To make this piece I used black superfine merino for the backing and the designs
were created using partial felts that I made with various 
types of hand dyed wool and wool/silk blends from my stash.
And then the vines and such are Malabrigo yarns,
I always love the way they just melt into the wool and create
great swirly texture!!


  1. Oh . . . my . . . goodness . . . your work on this piece is absolutely stunning! I am bowled over by the beauty of it. Great job, Terry

    1. Thanks so much Lori! That means so much to me, coming from the amazing artist that you are : )
      I'll write soon! Terry