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Friday, September 9, 2011

I've Been Wanting to Make This For Awhile......

  I have seen these scarves in books and on etsy and have always wanted to make one, so the other day I did.  I didn't have instructions so I just did what I thought would work.  If any one wants detailed instructions I'll be happy to write them out, just ask.  I wouldn't recommend someone who was new to wet felting try it first but it wasn't too difficult, just had to make sure fleece stayed where you put it-both laying out as well as rolling it. 
  Here is some photos of the lay-out:

I used a 50% merino and a 50% silk blend that I got from Capistrano Fiber Arts on Etsy.  After rolling and rolling and fulling here is what it turned out like.  I'm quite happy with it, looks real interesting wrapped around the neck with one end hanging down. If I try it again I want to have smaller holes in it.

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