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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Natural Dye Class at Fiber Fair

   I am so excited to be taking a natural dye class this Sunday.  We'll be dyeing wool skeins of yarn using dyes made from plants, minerals and insects.  Some of the more exotic materials are madder, Brazil wood and coachineal, we'll also be using more common ingredients like marigolds and onion skins.  It says we will dye six skeins of red, orange, yellow, green, purple and magenta and if we  have extra time we can dye things we bring ourselves....I already have different types of wool felted up to experiment with and I will bring some roving too.  I have tried to dye roving before and ended up with a matted mess so I hope she has time to give me some tips on doing that.  Natural dyeing has always fascinated me, and I even have a book on it, but have been intimidated by things like mordants and fixers.  When I am shown how to do something I learn so much more! 

   It is being held at the Natural Fiber Fair in Arcata, California-just north of Eureka.  The class is called Natural Colors to Dye For and is being taught by Llinda Hartshorn.

  I'll be sure to post details of the class as well as pictures of what we dyed.

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