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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where This Felter Works

  I thought I'd share with you this amazing space I get to felt in.  My husband and I recently fulfilled one of our dreams and moved up to the Santa Cruz Mountains to live amongst the redwoods.  I am so fortunate to live in this amazing space and be able to stay here and felt during the days.  My husband, Jack, is so great and supportive of my work, man~am I a lucky woman!
  There is a little redwood cabin on our property and I've turned it into my felting workshop.  There is a little wood burning stove to keep me warm in the winter and Jack built me a felting table that is the perfect height for rolling out felt and saving my back.


 Here is my buddy Kaia, who is always by my side.  She loves our new home too!

These are the results of my venture into wrapping glass with felt then cutting out an opening on both sides so the light can shine through.  Some of it is glass from an old stained glass door and most of it is beach glass.  It was so much fun figuring out how to do this and making these!


  1. Hello! I found you in a team I joined recently on Etsy, I'm learning about all that stuff and it sounds like lots of fun :)

    I like your work and see we share a passion for felt... it is incredible how creative we can get with a handful of wool. Your place with dog and husband included (or should the husband go first?)sound like a dream, I agree you are very lucky!

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  3. I think my most favorite posts on blogs concerns the areas we use to create in. I love your felting cabin, along with your companion Kaia!