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Friday, September 30, 2011

Just for Wet Felting!

  Sometimes you come across an actually amazing tool for your craft and I have!  In felting we use so many tools that were meant for something else; bubble wrap, pool noodles, sponges, plastic bags, wash boards~I could go on and on!  These little multicolored tools to the right were created just for wet felting.  In the other pictures you will see that they have raised ribs along the sides.  You use the colored ribbed side to rub on your wet felt during the fulling or shrinking stage, be sure you have plenty of water and soap so you don't pill your felt.  They are so cool!  I just used one on a pair of boots I'm making and they shrunk down the instep and heel part wonderfully.  Because of the glazing on the working side it slides across the felt with out ripping up the felt or pilling it like some of the other fulling methods out there.  They fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and are great for getting in those tough spots.  They measure three and a half inches by two and a half inches and come in about four or five different colors.  A friend of mine, Carin Engen, has them made and sells them on her blog site artfullyfelt.blogspot.com.  If your interested in one just contact her.  And they are actually really nice looking, we deserve to have nice tools for our craft !

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  1. Cool little tool! I actually use a nubby glass vase and this would be so much easier, not to mention safer, for those hard to reach and odd spots we find ourselves in sometimes...lol.
    Thanks for sharing!